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Customs and Foreign Trade

The area has experienced professionals with the ability and capacity to advise technically and legally in customs matters so that, within the regulatory framework, the greatest benefit and success is obtained. Among others, the firm offers the following services:


01. Advice on compliance and enforcement of custom regulation, inspection processes and other procedures derived from such activities.


02. Legal support necessary for foreign trade operations to take advantage of the most beneficial and expeditious customs regime possible


03. Analysis of applicable customs regimes.


04. Preventive advice for import and export.


05. Accompaniment in customs audits.


06. Contentious-administrative and non-contentious procedures. (only Peru)


07. Fulfillment of special regimes such as "Drawback". (only Peru)


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Juan Pablo Reyes
Juan Pablo Reyes / Partner Chile
• Energies and Natural Resources
• Conflict Resolution
• Infrastructure, Planning and Regulation
• Customs and Foreign Trade
• Compliance
• Lawyer. Universidad de los Andes.
• Master in Administrative and Tax Law. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
• Diploma in Tax Analysis and Planning. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
• Diploma in Crisis Management, in Strategic Prospective Analysis, in Theory and Methods of Political Analysis. ACANAV.
• Since 2005 he has served as legal advisor to Customs Agencies of recognized prestige in the market and as advisor to various Legal Studies and national and international companies.
• For more than 8 years he was Legal and Legislative Advisor and Head of the Legal Department of the Undersecretary of the Navy and current Undersecretary for the Armed Forces of the Ministry of National Defense, advising in areas of Administrative Law and, especially, in the Administration of the Border Coastal, Maritime Affairs, Maritime and Aquaculture Concessions (projects associated with power plants, mining, ports, fishing, etc.); Zoning and National Policy on the Use of the Coastal Edge; Administrative Procedures, Public Procurement, access to public information and Administrative Statute, among others.
• As of 2006, he is appointed Customs Agent.
• He is also a Specialist in Coastal Edge.


Captura de pantalla 2018-02-01 a las 5.3
Jaime Sabat / Partner Peru
• Tax
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Lawyer. Universidad Privada de Ciencias Aplicadas
• He has attended several seminars related to tax law, some of them being offered by the Peruvian Institute of Tax Law.
• He has extensive experience in consulting, as well as advising during audits carried out by the Tax Administration, contentious and non-contentious procedures, tax planning, national and international financing operations, capital market operations and financial instruments, preparation of Due Diligence, corporate reorganizations and mergers and acquisitions operations.
• He has also been an exhibitor at various seminars in Peru on tax issues.
Jaime Sabat
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