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Energy and Natural Resources

We have represented various clients in activities related to the extraction and distribution of different materials and natural resources, as well as the start-up of businesses directly related to this industry. Among others, we provide the following services:


01. Advice on gas distribution activities, in the development of hydroelectric generation projects and construction of thermoelectric generation projects.


02. Design of strategies for the financing of LPG, NG and LNG projects, concessions for maritime terminals, and acquisition and transfer of power generation and distribution companies.


03. Accompaniment to companies that own water rights in their hydroelectric generation projects and partnerships with third parties for their development.


04. Advice on the financial structuring for project development.


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José Miguel Bambach Salvatore
_DSC7338-2 Jose Miguel Bambach-1.jpg
Jose Miguel Bambach Salvatore / Partner Chile

• Managing Partner Chile
• Energy and Natural Resources
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Corporate and Business

• Lawyer. Universidad de Chile (1990)
• SPIM, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne (1998)

• His professional career includes several corporate experience, being Fiscal and Secretary of the Board of Empresas Lipigas S.A. (current), partner in Pérez de Arce Abogados (2008-2013); Prosecutor and Secretary of the Board of Lan Airlines S.A. (2001-2008), Business Manager of Citibank (2000-2001); Legal Manager in Financial Corporation Atlas S.A. (1993-1998), Insurance Broker and Director of Prorenta Corredores de Seguros S.A. (2005-2008); and Lawyer of Citibank N.A. CGG (1989-2003).
• He has been the Director of numerous open and closed regulated corporations, both in Chile and abroad.
_DSC7250-2 Juan Pablo Reyes.jpg
Juan Pablo Reyes / Partner Chile
• Energies and Natural Resources
• Conflict Resolution
• Infrastructure, Planning and Regulation
• Customs and Foreign Trade
• Compliance
• Lawyer. Universidad de los Andes.
• Master in Administrative and Tax Law. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
• Diploma in Tax Analysis and Planning. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
• Diploma in Crisis Management, in Strategic Prospective Analysis, in Theory and Methods of Political Analysis. ACANAV.
• Since 2005 he has served as legal advisor to Customs Agencies of recognized prestige in the market and as advisor to various Legal Studies and national and international companies.
• For more than 8 years he was Legal and Legislative Advisor and Head of the Legal Department of the Undersecretary of the Navy and current Undersecretary for the Armed Forces of the Ministry of National Defense, advising in areas of Administrative Law and, especially, in the Administration of the Border Coastal, Maritime Affairs, Maritime and Aquaculture Concessions (projects associated with power plants, mining, ports, fishing, etc.); Zoning and National Policy on the Use of the Coastal Edge; Administrative Procedures, Public Procurement, access to public information and Administrative Statute, among others.
• As of 2006, he is appointed Customs Agent.
• He is also a Specialist in Coastal Edge.
Juan Pablo Reyes


photo_2021-05-10 12.41.59.jpeg
Luis Felipe Barrios / Partner Colombia
• Corporate and Business
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Advertising, Entertainment and Audiovisual Production
• Private Clients and Family Businesses
• Lawyer. Universidad del Rosario 
• Specialization in Media. Universidad de los Andes
• Extensive experience in corporate operations, private contracting processes, as well as legal aspects related to entertainment and advertising products.
• He has led several projects of special relevance, such as the drafting  and design of templates and procurement processes for BP Exploration Company´s and Equión Energía Ltd.´s supply chain, and the negotiation of the International Joint Venture for the commercialization of Merrell , CAT and Hush Puppies brands in Colombia.
• He has been legal advisor to the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia in the procurement regarding the rescue and conservation of shipwrecked species, the merger, demerger, acquisition and sale of various goods and services companies.
• Expertise in the creation of sophisticated national and international structures for wealth protection and planning, among other projects.
Luís Felipe Barrios


Captura de pantalla 2018-02-01 a las 3.3
Carlos Saco-Vertiz / Partner Peru
• Managing Partner Peru
• Corporate and Business
• Financial and Capital Markets
• Tax
• Lawyer. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Peru
• Specialization PAD. Universidad de Piura
• He is the founding partner of the firm Sacovertiz & Landerer. He has more than 30 years of experience advising companies and has been part of the teams of renowned studios of Peru such as (i) Bellido, Saco-Vertiz & Bellido, (ii) Martínez, Bellido, Berninzon & Lavalle, and (iii) Lavalle.
• The Chambers Latin America 2017 guide included him in Band 4 of the "Banking & Finance" area (Banking & Finance) and in Band 3 of the "Banking & Finance" area (Banking & Finance) for its Chambers Global 2016 guide.
• The renowned Latin Lawyer directory has also cataloged him as "Latin Lawyer Reference" in the areas of finance, banking, insurance, capital markets, corporate, foreign investment, aviation, commerce and taxation.
• He has been a member of important boards of companies such as Interseguro Insurance Company, Peruvian Stores and Peruvian Homecenters.
Carlos Sacovertiz
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