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Four Countries
The same philosophy

The firm is the result of the integration between the Bambach & Campos studios in Chile, Barrios & Montenegro in Colombia, García Velasco & García De Luca in Mexico and Sacovertiz & Landerer in Peru. We are one of the most prominent legal networks in Latin America, providing services in 4 countries in the region. BBGS Abogados is a firm that thinks and lives for the region. At BBGS Abogados, we share a working DNA that is embodied in a quick response capacity, a top quality product and an absolutely personal service.

We are more than lawyers for our clients, supporting them with solidity and prudence, and becoming their trusted advisors.

We are moved by challenges, and even more by difficult problems. But, above all, we are moved by satisfied customers.

We carry a 120% attitude in our blood, always trying to give much more than what is expected of us.

We want to build long-term relationships, demonstrating loyalty and commitment.

We are visionary and creative.


We are a 21st century firm that understands the language of today and is ready to face generational challenges.

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